Savanna - Cloud Solutions for Kent Businesses

Savanna offers a variety of different cloud services including cloud compute, application servers, container servers, cloud storage, content distribution network, load balancers and security appliances. Businesses opting to use the self-healing and highly resilient new cloud product will benefit from high availability support as standard with additional options available for disaster recovery options and real remote replication to one of Vinters’ datacentres in Europe and the US.

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Cloud Solutions for Kent Businesses

Savanna enables you to know exactly where your data sits instead of a generic region or locality. By choosing this new cloud product you will benefit from being able to deal with a local company and can even visit Vinters HQ for a tour of the facility and to see where their data is.

Why Choose our Cloud Product?

24-hour Support


Our support team are on hand 24 hours per day, all year round to assist you with any technical issues you experience with your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Security


Our entire infrastructure is secured by the highly renowned F5 Advanced Web Application Firewall so you can be assured your data is kept safe.

Cheap Cloud Solutions


Our cloud product comes at an affordable price, and we tailor our service to scale for your business so that you are not left paying too much for what you're getting.

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To show our confidence in our new cloud product, we are giving all Kent businesses £150 free credit towards our cloud services.

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